After Altercation With a Fan, Rick Rypien Recieves 6-Game Suspension

After being ejected from the Canucks game against the Wild, Rick Rypien grabs a fan in the stands before being separated by his teammates and security

By Eric Bancker
Rick Rypien has been the talk of the NHL for the past few days and it’s not for a good reason. Rypien was heading to the dressing room after an on-ice skirmish with the Wild’s Brad Staubitz when he grabbed a fan in the stands. He was then pulled off the fan by his teammates and security and he then walked down to the Canucks locker room.
The next day Rypien was suspended indefinetley by the league and had to wait to see what his punishment would be. That punishment came down today and he will be suspended for 6 games. This suspension was lighter than everyone, including myself, figured it would be. The consensus was that it would be about 10 games since putting your hands on a fan is a big no-no in the NHL or in any sport.
Rypien’s actions were very immature considering the fan didn’t throw anything at him, all the fan did was say something to Rypien and he went off. You can clearly see the fan clapping as Rypien heads to the locker room but thats it. When a bull sees red they attack, so maybe when Rypien sees people clapping he attacks or maybe someone clapping tore his family apart as a kid and he just wasnt going to let that guy clap because it conjured up bad memories, I don’t know. We all come to points where we are heated and when someone says something we feel as though we could go over the edge but as a professional hockey player, and I use the term “professional” lightly when I speak about Rypien, but you cannot put yourself in a situation like that when you are in the spotlight.
Rypien’s suspension should have been a bit longer but its a good enough suspension so that he can learn his lesson. Colin Campbell is sometimes shaky with the  suspensions he hands down, but this one he got right.
Here’s a video of the altercation:



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